NetScripter Developer Centre
There are some options to be configurated in the file

Default Configuration

//Core Configuration

//Script File
//Comment it out if allow to specify the path in HTTP Request.
//$cfg['core_file'] = '0.txt';

//Script's Base Path
//Comment it out if allow to specify the path in HTTP Request.
//$cfg['core_basepath'] = '';

//Script's Encoding
//Auto detecting works on some encoding only, you have to specify encoding if the script use encoding such as Big-5 and GB2312.
//Comment it out if allow to specify the path in HTTP Request and use auto detect if not specified in HTTP Request.
//$cfg['core_enc'] = 'auto';

//Debug Mode
//0 = Disabled, 1 = Enabled
$cfg['core_debug'] = 1;

//Interface Configuration

//Interface Language
//Bundle languages include en-GB, ja-JP and zh-TW.
$cfg['core_lang'] = 'en-GB';

//Default Font
$cfg['core_dfont'] = 'MS ゴシック, Osaka-Mono';

//Default Menu Font
$cfg['core_dmfont'] = 'MS Pゴシック, Osaka';

//Selectable Font List
//Use font with equal width for every character for better compatability.
//Please note that the user must have the font installed in order to display it.
$cfg['core_font'] = array('MS ゴシック','MS 明朝','Osaka-Mono','MingLiu','SimSun','SimHei','Gulim');

//Graphics Processing Module Configuration

//Enable Graphics Processing Module
$cfg['gpm_enable'] = true;

//Enable Cache
$cfg['gpm_cache'] = true;

//Cache Directory
//The relative path of the cache directory.
//You need to give write permission to that directory.
$cfg['gpm_cachedir'] = 'gpm_cache';


If debug mode is enabled, the current line and its number will be displayed under the screen. To avoid it displaying, simply disable debug mode.

To allow Graphics Processing Module to save caches, you must give write permission. For Windows, goto security page of that folder and add write permission to Internet Guest Account (<Computer Name>\IUSR_<Computer Name>). For linux, use "chmod 777 <cache directory>".

For NetScripter 0.1.4 or below, disabling Graphics Processing Module will prevent the core running so it should always be enabled. Logo