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Running the First Script
NetScripter requires a HTTP server and PHP 5 to run, in this article we will talk about how to start up NetScripter under Windows and Fedora Linux environment.

Requirement of NetScripter

To host NetScripter you will need a HTTP server application, you may use Apache, IIS or any HTTP server that PHP supports. NetScripter is developed on PHP 5 environment, but it seems able to run under PHP 4.3.10.

HTTP server for Windows

Microsoft IIS is bundled with Windows 2000, Windows XP Professional and Windows Server 2003, note that there are restrictions with the versions come from non-server versions of Windows.

It is recommended to use Apache if your Windows doesn't come with IIS or you don't want use it. You may obtain a copy of Apache HTTP Server from its website. The installation of Apache quite straight-forward, if you have any problems please refer to Apache's documents.

Installation and Configuration (Windows)

After installing HTTP server, you may download and install PHP 5. It's recommended to use the installer first, and then download the zipped version and overwrite the installed files, because the installer version doesn't include the extensions needed by NetScripter.

After installing it, open php.ini (usually located at c:\windows), go to the part of Dynamic Extensions, and remove the semi-colon before extension=php_mbstring.dll and extension=php_gd2.dll, and then change extension_dir to "c:\php\ext" (assume PHP was installed on the default folder c:\php).

Installation and Configuration (Fedora Core 4/5)

You have to log as root to install and configure softwares, you may use "su" to gain root permission.

If your Fedora Linux doesn't have HTTP server and PHP installed, you may install them with yum.

# yum install httpd php

Now you have HTTP server and PHP installed, the default home directory is /var/www/html. The HTTP server is disabled by default, you have to enable them by yourself.

# service httpd start
# chkconfig httpd on

Then you have HTTP server running, but you still need mbstring and gd extensions.

# yum install php-mbstring php-gd

To let other people access to your HTTP server, you also have to open the port for WWW/HTTP (Port 80). It can be configurated in Security Level and Firewall on Gnome environment.

Run the First Script

Download the NetScripter from the download page, and then extract all the files to a folder inside the wwwroot of the HTTP server. Open a browser and go to http://localhost/netscripter/nscr.php (assume you extracted it to <home directory>\netscripter\), you will see a sample script. Go on reading other articles at the Developer Centre and try to make your own script.


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