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Using English Characters with NetScripter
The original NScripter requires all text be full-width and encoded in Shift JIS. However, NetScripter does not have this limitation. In this short article we will discuss about the ways to use half-width characters (e.g. normal English characters) with NetScripter.

ONScripter's Extension

ONScripter, an open-source NScripter replacement, has its own extension to support 1byte characters. When this extension is enabled, English text may be placed after a ` (back quote) mark. You may use English until the next ` mark or the end of line. In arugments of commands, you may also use English after a ` mark.

NetScripter's Behaviour

Using English with NetScripter is much easier, basically it has no difficulty handling English except it does not know if it is a command or text to display if English character is used at the first character at a line.

NetScripter will treat a line as text to display if the first character is a multi-byte character or a back quote (for ONScripter compatibility). If you want to you English characters, you may insert a back quote or any multi-byte character (e.g. full-width space) at the front of each line.

Sample English Script of NetScripter

caption "NetScripter Sample Script"
versionstr "NetScripter Sample Script",""
rmenu "Skip",skip,"Save",save,"Load",load

 Hi there!
 It's a sample script of NetScripter.
 You may add a multi-byte character such as full-width space at the front of the line.\
`Or you may add a back quote, which is ONScripter's extension.\
goto *start


ONScripter's Extension for English Novel with Sample Script (Japanese) Logo