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Porting exist NScripter script to NetScripter
NetScripter supports many of the common NScripter syntaxs and commands so generally nothing is needed to be done as long as the commands you used are supported by NetScripter.

Run Scripts with NetScripter

NetScripter only support opening one script file in a run, so you have to merge your scripts before executing them with NetScripter. The default script file name is 0.txt and the default base path is the directory you put NetScripter in, you may also specific a script file name in After setting up the script file name and the relative path to the directory you placed the images, you may start NetScripter by involving your browser and go to the page where you have NetScripter set up. You will want to know if NetScripter is working well with your script. Currently NetScripter will not complant even if a command is not supported, it will just skip it because there are still a number of commands that is not supported. So you have to try yourself to see if your script is running properly.

Run Encrypted Scripts with NetScripter

Since version 0.1.5, NetScripter has been able to read encrypted scripts, but the feature is still experimental. If you encounter any problem with it, or the auto detection of encrypted script failed, you may decrypt the script with third-party tools such as NSDEC. NetScripter does not support reading nsa package, you will need to extract them with tools such as nsaout and Susie with nsa plug-in.


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