What's NetScripter?
NetScripter is a web-based interpreter of the language used by NScripter. NetScripter is a free software distributed under the GNU GPL.

NScripter is a game engine that used in some Japanese games, the language is easy to use but it is available for Windows only and the context must be multibyte characters..

There is a open source counterpart of NScripter called ONScripter, it can be run on other platforms such as Linux and Mac OS X. ONScripter also has an extension to support 1 byte characters. (NetScripter also support this extension, although it is able to handle 1 byte characters as well as Unicode even if the extension is disabled.).

NetScripter is able to run scripts of NScripter, but it's web-based. So NetScripter can also be used for web-based presentation, dynamic content websites and visual novel..

With NetScripter, users only need a browser to view your work, while a user have to download and install the binary if the developer chose to use NScripter/ONScripter. Some users might be interested in your work, but do not like to download to see your work. You may want to show your work without requiring user to download. NetScripter can be used for this purpose..

NetScripter is written with PHP and Javascript. The core of interpreter is written with Javascript. Graphics processing module and part of parser are written with PHP. The graphics processing module is mainly for combining graphic file with alpha channel mask into a single PNG/GIF file. The PHP parts support caching so it is fast and load to web server is low.

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